Pain on the bottom of the heel is one of the most common complaints that bring people to the podiatrist. The pain may be temporary, resulting from an injury or other stresses on the feet. Or it may turn out to be due to a systemic disorder such as arthritis or a structural problem of the foot. Most commonly however, it is due to inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of the foot as a result of chronic strain. This can lead to thickening scarring and thickening of the fascia. The constant strain where the fascia attaches on the heel bone can lead to a heel spur. This strain is usually due to abnormal mechanical movement of the foot during the walking cycle.

Today, there are excellent, simple treatments that are extremely successful in alleviating heel pain, correcting abnormal foot motion, and allowing a patient to return to regular physical activities.

An evaluation for heel pain will usually involve a thorough history of the condition and the patient’s medical status, x-rays to evaluate foot structure, gait analysis to evaluate the patient’s walking pattern, and ultrasound imaging to measure and evaluate the quality of the plantar fascial tissue.

Painful heels are an abnormal symptom and can lead to loss of time or productivity at work, an inability to exercise and enjoy life.

Dr. Goldstein has extensive experience with plantar fascial treatment such as shockwave therapy, cryotherapy, platelet rich plasma injections, radiofrequency lesioning, and Tenex Health technology to remove the damaged, scarred tissue of the plantar fascia. His experience has allowed him to provide state-of-the-art protocols to address painful plantar fasciitis with minimal disability and a rapid recovery to a normal lifestyle.

If you suffer from heel pain, call and make an appointment for an initial evaluation. The evaluation and treatment is usually covered by insurance and a significant amount of relief is usually obtained with the first visit.

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