At the Foot Pain Center of Kansas City we believe in working with each patient’s individual requirements and lifestyle to develop a treatment plan that allows for optimized healing so a return to full function can be achieved as quickly as possible.

foot-pain-center-of-kansas-city-servicesOur comprehensive care is aimed at foot conditions affecting patients of all ages. We place great importance on patient education and have found from years of experience that most problems can be successfully treated in the office with gentle, conscientious, non-surgical care. Sometimes surgical treatment is required, some of which can be done in the office, but other procedures require the use of Overland Park Surgery Center, St. Joseph Medical Center or Ransom Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Goldstein prides himself in providing top notch, cutting edge podiatric treatment. These are some of the advanced methods for treating various foot problems.

Reduced Pain from Injections: Studies show that vibration interferes with the pain signal. Using vibration during an injection decreases the overall pain from the shot. The Anesthesia Vibration Device is a revolutionary new device which helps significantly reduce pain from injections and the removal of stitches. Dr. Goldstein has used the freezing spray (Ethyl Chloride), but has found the newer methods more effective.  In addition to the Anesthesia Vibration Device, Dr. Goldstein has found a device called a Mada Jet extremely useful in decreasing injection pain. Dr. Goldstein has found this device superior to the freezing spray (Ethyl Chloride). Just prior to the injection, the Mada Jet device numbs the spot with Novocaine using only air pressure.

Ultrasound Imaging: Ultrasound uses sound waves to look at inside of the body. The sound waves bounce off the tissues and a computer creates an image. It is a safe and painless way to diagnose some conditions that are not seen on x-ray. Ultrasound is used in the office, does not use radiation to develop the image and is much less costly than an MRI. Pictures of muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments and joints can be obtained with the use of ultrasound imaging.  

Radiofrequency: Leading edge technology for pain involves the location and the “pinpoint” removal of peripheral nerves that are associated with the patient’s pain.   This is a minimally invasive, in-office procedure that is used for treatment of various types of pain including plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma.  The Foot Pain Center of Kansas City is one of the few facilities in the Kansas City area performing this type of procedure.  

Endoscopic Plantar Fascia Release: A simple, minimal incision, out-patient procedure that uses a special fiber-optic camera, called an endoscope, that allows the doctor to visualize the plantar fascia and release only a portion of it without disturbing other tissue like muscle and nerve. This release can eliminate the pain due to the tightness and strong pulling of the fascia on the heel bone. 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): The PRP treatment is very easy. A sample of the patients own blood is specially treated and then placed around the painful area of their heel, foot, ankle or Achilles tendon. PRP alleviates pain by using the patient’s own cells to heal the injured area. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and most patients resume almost all their activities within a few days.

HyproCure: Certain foot imbalances throw both the foot and the entire body out of alignment. It can affect people of all ages and it is the direct cause of many symptoms and secondary conditions such as painful flat feet, overpronation/hyperpronation, bunions, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, and even problems in the neck and shoulders. HyProCure® is a permanent, minimally invasive solution that corrects the displacement at its root, realigning both the foot and improving foot function.

Dehydrated Alcohol: This specialized medicine is used for nerve pain and works by shrinking or shriveling nerve tissue to eliminate the pain. It is most commonly used for Morton’s Neuroma, but is also effective for certain skin lesions and other nerve entrapments. Studies have shown this technique to be as effective as surgery.

Application of skin substitutes: Dermagraft is a frozen, human derived skin substitute used to heal diabetic wounds. It avoids the need for surgical skin grafts in many cases, decreases healing time, and the application is performed in the office. PriMatrix is another unique skin substitute for the management of the most challenging wounds. Derived from fetal bovine skin, it’s collagen helps in the healing of burns and various types of wounds.

Digital Photography: Digital photographs allow for accurate and permanent assessment of wound dimensions and other characteristics over time.  Rates of healing, and therefore measures of treatment effectiveness, are better appreciated when the information is in a visual format.  

Participation in the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program:  The Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill was enacted by Congress in order to provide proper footwear and inserts for people with diabetes who qualify under Medicare Part B.  This program was designed to prevent complications such as lower limb ulcers and amputations for individuals who suffer from diabetes.


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