Last month we focused our blog on the benefits of walking for at least 30 minutes a day. The offices were all a buzz about our blog and so Foot Pain Center of Kansas City wants you to KEEP ON WALKING! No, we don’t want you to go away. We want you to be healthy, happy and pain-free, which is why we challenge you to take a lightly brisk walk every day. You can feel the results in a matter of days and will surely improve your mental, emotional and physical health.

 We highlighted the top 10 things a daily 30 minute walk can do for you in last month’s blog “Walk Yourself into a Happy Life”. We also showed you the points of interest and walking trails near our Gardner office. We were happy to note that all 3 of our office locations are near well-groomed walking, hiking and biking trails. Dr. Goldstein and the staff of Foot Pain Center of Kansas City invites you to come in for a visit and then “Keep on Walking”!

 We recently opened an office in the medical complex at 435 and Quivira. The Overland Park Regional Hospital sits seconds away from a beautiful trail and we were amazed at how many trails are within 5 miles of our office. Fall is literally days away and the weather is perfect for a brisk stroll along a tree lined path. The leaves are going to start to change colors and as the pollen counts get lower its time to get outside and take a deep cleansing breath. If you are cooped up in an office all day, get out and walk around the parking lot or building. If you work in Overland Park, check out one of the sites below to find a trail near you. If you work in Corporate Woods, you are working in a park and the trail is right in front of you.

 Walking Points of Interest – Foot Pain Center of Kansas City (Overland Park Kansas Location) –

 Walking is good for you in so many ways, which is why we say, keep on walking Kansas City!

Make sure to tell Dr. Goldstein about your walk and how you feel on your next appointment. He will probably tell you to share your experience and your pictures on our Facebook or Google + pages too.

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