Diabetics are more vulnerable to serious foot problems. These issues arise because diabetes can impair circulation and decrease nerve sensation which can in turn cause damage to the skin, bone and joints.

Poor circulation is commonly seen because of the distance of the arteries from the heart to the ends of the toes. When circulation is impaired, small cuts and other minor injuries may not heal as expected. Worse, sores with reduced circulation are less able to fight infection and this can become very serious. When nerves are impaired, loss of sensation in the feet may mean that injuries or even something simple like blisters or calluses are not noticed until they become quite severe.

Dr. Goldstein is trained and state-of-the-art wound care and to diagnose and treat foot problems for diabetic patients. Regularly scheduled foot examinations are also important in order to detect any changes in such conditions. It’s important to keep your feet happy, they do after all, take you through life.

If you, a friend, or family member has been diagnosed with diabetes, make an appointment to have a baseline exam to prevent potential diabetic foot complications.

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